Ehh, he can't like me; especially since he has a girlfriend, right?

FYI; I’m not after this guy whatsoever. I met this guy from school. Seen him a couple times, but never approached him. Well I found him on Myspace(haha) and requested him. He accepted. Soon after he messaged me, and we clicked right then and there. I knew he had a girlfriend, and I was in no way trying to get with him. We messaged each other back and forth for about two weeks. Until [he] asked for my number. I gave it to him. We became really good friends; and still are. We texted every day(still do), from morning till

night. A week later, he told me that he was gonna get serious with his girlfriend; which was so cute. I told him that him and I texting every day was gonna eventually stop. He didn’t want to stop ‘cos according to him “we’re just friends”. I told him I didn't want to cause friction or anything between him and his girlfriend. He said she knew of me and didn't think anything of it. A week later I went on vacation; and we texted and talked on the phone most of the time.

My question is: If you're in a relationship, wouldn't you much rather talk/text with your significant other more than with a new friend?

A week later him and his girlfriend got official. I texted him one night to just chat. Well apparently they were having an argument. I asked him if he wanted me to let him be; he said no. We talked and he told me that he and his girlfriend were fighting the entire day and the day before. After he calmed down, he told me that he was glad that he could talk about that kind of stuff with me. We both talked about how we hated drama, and such things. I told him how I'd handle my drama in a future relationship. He then told me that I was gonna have a great relationship when I got in one. One night we were texting; we were talking about something and he randomly asks me a question about a topic we talked about a while back. The conversation was about sex. We had talked about it before but only asked each other if we were virgins and stuff.

Question two: Why would someone bring up a conversation that happened to be talked about a few weeks back; especially if it was about sex?

I asked him the day after as to why he asked me that. His answer was that he was just thinking about it. :-O I know he's in love with his girlfriend and I don't want to come between 'em. I just don't get how he can text me EVERY DAY when he has a girlfriend. I've just been curious really; I mean could he possibly like me or something. If I was in a serious relationship with a guy, I wouldn't bother texting a guy friend EVERY DAY 'sides my boyfriend. Please, just tell me your thoughts on this.

And I'm no whore. We're just friends, and have never done anything else but talk.

And just yesterday he asked me if I was "talking" to someone because of what my status said. He's always curious about my relationship life.

Sorry about it being long :)


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  • he likes you. and he CAN like you even if he does have a gf. and yea he might be in love with his girl but it doesn't stop a guy frm liking other girls. THO it does not mean he's gonna make a move or anything. Maybe he just wanted to tlk..he's a guy. guys are weird..