Am I trying too hard? Need advice please!!?

Hey everyone, I just posted this on another board here, which apparently was the wrong one so I'm posting this again in hopes of getting more opinions :)
So anyways, I went on vacation for a month in a different state, and I met this guy I really like. Personality wise, he is my dream guy. We hung out almost every night, and we both acted like we were dating. He seemed genuinely interested in me, and mentioned several times that he wanted to date me, and that he had to see me again. The thing is, I live on the west coast and still have 2 more years of college there, and he is about to graduate in the southern US. He will move wherever he can find a job. I asked him where we stood a couple of weeks ago, and he said that we should stay exclusive to each other and keep talking all the time and see how it all works out before we actually try dating. He has called a couple of times and for the most part we've been texting every day, but only a few texts back and forth before he stops replying. I realize he is busy with school, but at the same time I almost feel like I am the one trying the hardest to make this work out. I really want this to work and would do everything I could to keep it that way. He also talked about visiting me in a few months, and I would visits him (wherever he ends up). My question is: would it be too dramatic of me/ freak him out if I called and asked him if this is working out for him? I'm not trying to rush into a relationship, but I just want to know if I should go for this or not. I don't want to waste my time either, if he's not really interested. We've only been apart for about 3 weeks... I've waited 5 months to see someone before, so waiting is not an issue for me. Also, when we were together (and also on the phone), he made it seem as if he was really interested in being with me in the long run. But like I said, our communication the past week or so has kind of dwindled, and I'm just a little confused... Thanks in advance!


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  • my current boyfriend and i met when i was on vacation four months ago at myrtle beach. i left 2 weeks after that and we basically know everything about each other and love each other so much! i know when your far apart it can be hard but bear with him. When my boyfriend and i started back to school our schedules were pretty much in sync but i was ready for a message from him all the time and he was never answering so we went from talking hours to fifteen minutes and i also felt like i was dragging the relationship along. i ask him if he truly thought he loved me and wanted to commit to me and he said no. i was heart broken then he said because im afraid u will cheat like the other girlfriends he had. i assured him i wouldn't. i also said that i couldnt trap another guy into liking me lol. but we're good now. so, ask him with long distance relationships u have to try extra hard and there can't be a lot of doubts or the doubts will worry you to the breaking point


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