Annoyed with people in relationships?

Seriously, I'm sick of them always acting like they know everything, or even anything. You've been in a relationship, you've had a girlfriend or boyfriend, you're not a virgin, how could you possibly know how I feel? They always say crap about how "it's not what it's made to be" or "you don't want a relationship at 16", well guess what, I do. You don't know anything, you've been in a relationship, I can't believe you because unlike you blessed fools, I have never experienced love. You people, you've experienced love, been loved, had sex, well I never have, you can't possibly think you could see things from my perspective. It's not fair, then every expectation is so fucking insane, how could I not be messed up when I have to be perfect to have a chance at a girlfriend? I'm so tired of these people thinking they know how I feel, they don't, I'm 16, never had a girlfriend, and still a virgin, what a loser. I'm one of the few virgins in my school, and I'm one of the only maybe 10 or so guys that have never had a girlfriend, well, fuck it, time to give up and die.


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  • You're not a loser, there are plenty girls and boys who are virgins. I'm 15 and haven't even had my first kiss which is extremely unusual where i come from... but i honestly don't really mind, all of the boys at my school are very mean lol. don't be too hard on yourself


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  • Your time will come, man! Don't despair! These girls and guys dating might seem lucky but the drama is a distraction.

    16 and a virgin is not unusual at all man. It doesn't make you a loser. The guys and girls who sleep around at 16 who end up with either "broken" hearts or damaged egos are the real losers in the end.

    Focus on forming "healthy" friendships with guys and girls alike. The right girl will eventually show. When you do have sex to, be smart about it and don't brag like some immature boy. Keep it to yourself. It's not that big of a deal.

    Find a girl with some class not to give it to any dick, at 16, find a girl who respects herself.

    Respect yourself to, you aren't a loser. You are completely normal.