Is going out to grab something for dinner with a girl you hardly know considered a date?

So one night my friend basically had her roommate and I hang out cuz we were super bored alone in out own place. My friend was at work and the plan was to hang out until she got off of work.

We walked around the college campus and city talking about random stuff and to be honest it didn't feel awkward at all. We were both hungry and went to a nice restaurant. I ended up paying the bill out of generosity. So does this sound like a date? Lol I have no idea how she might of perceived it.

I've never been on a date which some girls don't believe but I don't know if this was considered one hahaha. What do you think?


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  • Only if you decide to label it as that.


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  • not really, it's more like a casual hangout, but it could lead to a date if you ask her out again. i wouldn't consider it a date but if it went as well as you said then i would WANT a date after this LOL

    • Are you saying you'd want a date from her perspective?

    • i mean every girl's different right? but if it went well and i like the guy and assuming i'm looking for something like that then yeah. everyone's different though and it depends on each person's situation.

      no harm in asking, not asking a date straight up, just hanging out again.

    • Yeah I hang out around her at times when my friend is with me. She seems very fun and cool once you breach her shyness.

  • It's not a date because neither of you asked the other out. However, if one of you asks the other to hang out with them one-on-one again, that may be considered a date if it has a bit of a romantic vibe to it.

    • I did call her to hang out with her but only because my friend suggested to hang out with her.

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    • I really don’t want to get into the whole romance thing either. Just thinking about being tide down to someone turns me off. It also doesn’t help that I've never been in love before so things are fairly new to me. She’s dealing with some ex boyfriend/boyfriend problems in her life, it complicated. Even I don’t know exactly what’s going on. The best thing to do for is remain mutual friends.

    • Yeah, relationships are complicated but friendships are nice...

      Hmm, if she's still dealing with an ex-boyfriend, it probably is wise to just remain friends anyway, at least for now.

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  • It was an improv date, the fact that she let you pay is a good sign. This time ask her out for real. In my experience, if she let's you pay, or hell in one case if she offers to pay, or pays for you, it's a date. Nice job bro, ask her out for real, but think of this as a "pre-date" that lead to a real date

    • Thank bro but a date is not what i was necessarily looking for here. Even if it was a date of some sort, it wasn’t my intention. She’s cute and all but friends is what i would look for here.

    • I gotya, I guess I misread and thought you were interested.

    • No it's alright dude. But thanks for your comment.

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