Can you explain why this guy is mega keen one minute then ignores me the next?

I have a friend, who I like; he is 38 and I am 24. This guy works a lot and travels with work too. I know he is quite insecure about his looks; but I know he is quite superficial about women too (pig!), he works with models and is OCD about everything. He doesn’t drinks, so I know he doesn’t party with them, this I know! I also think he is eternally single as his last girlfriend was over 10 years ago. He is also a real gentlemen.

I hadn’t seen in him in about 5 years, not until he randomly ‘poked’ me on Facebook, to prompt me to start speaking to him again. We chatted and he admitted to missing me and wanted to meet up. So we did. He surprised me with a lovely day out and bought me dinner, only I stayed at his and we slept in separate rooms. I was comfortable about that, as I thought me met as friends. Only, there was an awkward moment when I thought he wanted to kiss me and we didn’t.

As we live in separate cities, since then, one minute he is keen on messenger, the next he doesn’t reply to my messages. I often like to be too ‘cool’ for my own good and not show that I like someone, however I have since sent him messages, but nothing that alludes to me liking him. I then mentioned that I had such a lovely time with him when we met, hoping he'd get the idea and I asked him if we could see each other again soon. He was keen. He also asked to go on holiday with me, but then he back off, but I did say yes. He also works lots and he suggested that we meet in a few weeks’ time. I said, quite nonchalant, to pencil me in. Was that rude if me?

Recently, about two weeks ago, I sent him a message, work related and not a personal message and he hasn’t replied to me, but I did say there was no rush to reply. I know he’s been online, so he could’ve.

So. Is this my fault and what should I do. Should I just ask if we are meeting up, although he’s ignored me? Am I being silly too…is this my fault?


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  • Blow hot, blow cold syndrome.


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