How do I tell him no without making him think I don't like him?

There's this guy that I really like, but I don't know him that well. I have only known him for a couple of months in sort of a professional way, and started hanging out with him in groups of friends recently.

I have always had the feeling that he liked me, especially more recently. Well my feelings were confirmed when the other day he asked me out, to an event that is about an hour away. I am pretty traditional, and have never even been in the car with him before, so this kind of threw me for a loop. Since I don't know him that well (and don't know anyone who really knows him) I'm not really ready to go out this far with him in the car yet.

My problem is, if I tell him no, he will think I'm not interested in him. But I'm just not ready for this. I want to let him know that I do like him, and that it's not him, but it's the situation that I'm uncomfortable with. What should I do?


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  • Be direct and tell him how you feel and why. Example; I would like to go out with you but I do not feel comfortable enough yet to go somewhere that far away. How about we try lunch or diner at (name local restraunt). This way you are not telling him no just giving him other options that you fell more comfortable with.


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  • Just tell it to him straight and clear. Tell him that you do like him but you're not ready and that you two should give it more time. There's no better method of telling a guy how you feel other than telling it straight to him.

  • tell him politely that you are not ready to dive in so soon.


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