Guys what are our opinions about women from South America?

It's been several years since being in my native country for a personal issue I'm trying to fix but I won't discuss. I've been raised in FL since I was 4 and had to come back at age 20.

I took a break for a while but eventually went back to school. I'll be done with college by late 2015 and one of my goals is to travel as well as continue learning.

Overall, what do you think of South American women?


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  • I've always been a big fan of South American women!! A lot have an exotic look and I LOVE dark hair and eyes. Plus the accent and feistiness I have always found really attractive. I would bet a lot of American guys feel that way.


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  • I haven't met a woman from south America, I only met a girl from Costa Rica which I guess is borderline? She was nice more nice than some local Americans. You'll be fine, a different person generally fairs well cause you seem different and people want to get to know you.

  • Should I think of them as anything other than the rest of women? Not that I've had much contact with South American women though.

    • True but I was curious because lately I've been seeing certain posts about some men having troubles in the dating and relationship world. Others were posting about going overseas to find a gf.

    • I've never really been too active in the dating scene, so I have never considered going to find a gf from a foreign country and to be honest I think the idea is a rather improbable, because first you'd need to find a good gf and then either move to her country or have her move to yours. Unless you keep it long distance, but I think such a relationship lasting would be rather improbable as well. And while I'm sure there are a lot of lovely ladies in the world, so far the most beautiful women I've seen have been Caucasian and there are plenty of Caucasian women around here, so I've no need to look elsewhere.

  • Anderson Varejao is a Brazilian, and so is Yan Gomes, both love their country but, think they enjoy Cleveland (my city) a lot more


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