How can I change my luck regarding meeting girls?

I'm 17, male and I apologise deeply for propbably coming across really arrogant but apparently i'm quite good looking. I recieve a lot of stares and at my school apparetly a lot of the girls are into me. The thing is i'm not into any of the girls at my school and whenever I come across someone I generally find really attractive i'm either with my parents or she's with her parents in a situation where I can't just walk over and say hello. Twice i've been in a situation where i've been in a restaurant with my parents, seen a girl i've been insanely attracted to who also seemed to be attracted to me and I haven't been able to do anything. How can I change my luck? I'm not shy around girls particularly, I work hard, I go out with friends probably once a week, i'd never purposely upset anyone and I work hard. What more can I do, or what do I need to change to get lucky working for me rather than against me in this sense?


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  • Your problem isn't your "luck." You know what your problem is. You've said you can't walk over and start talking them. Well guess what? You're going to have to! Just get over your fear and do it. There's no magic trick.

    • Usually i'd just go over and talk to them but not when both my parents and her parents are sitting down eating.. That's not going to get me very far. I'm not worried about embarassment but I know for a fact I won't succeed like that.

    • Well sure if both your parents are around and her parents are around, maybe not. In that case that's not luck. You'll just have to try to find her when she's not with her parents. Does she go to your school?

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