Do I pick Mr personality or Mr good looking stranger?


Hoping you can help.

I work with this guy "j" for the past 4 months, we have been out quite a bit, drinking, cinema, dinner, it's had no label on it. We have kissed twice, one a drunken make out session, the other, not drunk. We haven't labelled it, but he said he likes me and has always been there for me through various tough times lately. He's lovely, but I don't really fancy him. He's not awful, just not my type, he has lovely eyes, a good personality & funny! I wasn't at all attracted to him at first but I am to "him" now I know him but not sexually right now!

Recently I've been asked out by another guy who I don't know at all, but know him through other people, and has said liked me for while. I do fancy him, although I don't know him. Do I go on a date with this stranger guy? Or do I wait to see how it goes with mr personality? Is this wrong to do?

I know looks aren't everything, sorry for sounding superficial if I have.

Thank you.

I am not planning on sleeping with either of them, or sleeping with them at the same time, if your thinking so!


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  • It might depend on what you want in a relationship. This Mr Personality sounds lovely. And if you're looking for something committed, he might be the guy. Mr Handsome might be looking for something short-term, for all we know. And I think that's a fair assumption given he doesn't know you.

    To me, you've answered your own question simply for having asked. You either want Mr Personality or you don't. And clearly you don't.

    Problem is, it's a gamble, really. If Mr Handsome turns out to be a douche, you two just don't have common interests or you later realise Mr Personality was just more fun, you can kiss both guys goodbye. Mr Personality won't want anything to do with you after this. At least not if he has any common sense.

    Is Mr Handsome so attractive, that it's worth the gamble of losing all the other positive traits that Mr Personality has?

    • I do agree, but, assuming that about mr good looking is a bit unfair? He messaged a friend of mine, saying he wants to get to know me - as he can't get close enough as I'm always working. It was a really long detailed message about how he has liked me for a while, never had the nerve to ask me out in front of people, so seems quite shy. We've text and he seemed nice, genuine enough so taking him on face value, is that not worth a shot? We all have to start somewhere with someone!

  • it's simple you see which you connect with

  • If you choose Mr. Goodlooking, you are obviously a hoe.


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  • Go out with the one u don't know yet, then compare the two. If the stranger turns out to have a better personality than the first guy, continue to date him and let the other guy know that you are seeing other people in addition to him.

  • I would say choose Mr. Personality... You can be the best looking person in the world but if the personality isn't great, it won't matter how cute u are. But u can be the ugliest person in the world and trust and believe with a great personality, a person looks can change drastically. I've witnessed it myself.

    • Yeah but as me and "j" aren't even officially dating, or an item, or mentioned it, isn't it u fair to dismiss the new guy just because he IS good looking, as I don't even know him yet? He could have both.

    • True... I guess for now just talk to both. you're single, do as u please. Date both.. see where it leads you.

    • Thank you for your comments! I appreciate the help!