Three dates still texting but no plans for fourth?

I met this guy online. At first we talked everyday all day before we met. we went on our first date and he immediately asked me on a second one. We had a great time on our second and right after he asked me on our third. I slept with him on the third. Just after that he went away on a three week trip. During that time he didint text me but he sent me a few snapchats. As soon as he came back he texte me to let me know he was back and he didn't mention hanging out so I dodged a bullet and asked. We were all set on a date until I forgot I had a birthday to go to I asked to reschedule on the weekend and e said he couldn't because he had to take care of his mom after surgery. I didint ask him to reschedule because I figured if he was interested he would. He didint text me all week until fri to say he was sorry for going Mia but that his week was hectic and that he was goig camping for the long weekend. He sai he's message me this week. He keeps sending me snapchats. I don't understand should I just forget him? He's been a bit distant but very now and then I get a text or a snapchat.


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  • He's trying to keep in touch, work with him to find another date to see him.


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