Have you bonded closely with a guy and then push away? why?

explain please. what makes you scared of the connection you have with him that causes you to push away.


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  • YES! I have felt such deep connections with guys; but I got afraid of where that might lead. What if I got invested too deeply and we broke up? My heart would be shattered. I couldn't live with myself if you no longer love to me. What if I done something that made you upset (nothing regarding cheating, I'm a very faithful woman) and I broke your heart? I'd be shattered.


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  • I'm trying to not push away from a guy i met. We've gotten so close in such a short time but im scared that either he'll stop talking to me eventually or I'll get really close to him and form a relationship and hell turn out to be abusive like the ones before him. I know those thoughts are irrational because he's an angel.


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