My boyfriend constantly calls his mom, but won't call me?

My boyfriend and I currently live with his parents because they are extremely poor and can't afford to live on their own (they pretty much never wanted to go to school, then his mom assumed his dad would take care of her but his dad was fired from a good job for smoking weed, so now he works at Home Depot.) We are moving though hopefully by the beginning of next year.

I am currently only in school and my boyfriend works daily. His mom stays home all day watching tv and sleeping. Everyday my boyfriend is on his way home from work he will call his mom and talk to her on speaker phone his whole way home. He never asks to speak to me, and never calls for me. It really upsets me because then when he comes home he usually is busy shipping stuff out for his Ebay account, so I don't get to spend any time with him until bed time.

I am really getting jealous of how he only wants to call his mom and talk to her, and him ignoring me. I don't know what to tell him without sounding like a total jerk, because my feelings are honestly hurt. How can I explain it to him that I wish he could call me, and actually talk to me and spend time with me instead of only his mom?


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  • When I was living over in Egypt for awhile, my husband would Constantly Call 'Mom' And----Dad----And Then Ask to speak to me after wards. And with rarely getting privacy, always having family issues that were always dealing with them putting their noses into our business, Never 'Allowing' us to be just this Newly married couple, it presented a heap of hell. I am back in the states now, but had left with a big sour ball in my mouth.
    I had asked him once who came first, and according to his Quaran the parents come first, the wife is secondary. He even refused to move out of the family house with me so we could have our own domain, for he Insisted on staying until his dying day, watching out for Them, for they were a bit sickly not--------Extremely poor.
    Everyone has a story with one's parents. If he is this Mama like boy now, with the calling and caring to the point where it is affecting your relationship, you need to nip this in the bud now Before you both Plan on packing up. And from where I am sitting, That may never happen. He could end up giving you his sorrowful song and dance of how my parents are 'Extremely poor' and I need to stay here a bit longer to Help them out. Can you hear this now?
    If you stand for this Now, you will continuously be having to Stoop for whatever poop he decides to throw your way, sweetie. And it doesn't have to just involve the phone. It Starts with This, but it doesn't just End with this. For even if you both were to move out lock, stock and barrel tomorrow, believe me, he will Always find a way Back over there to Visit, check in on them, spend time with them, and the phone calls will not only get worse but----You will be constantly put on his pay no mind list.
    Have a serious soul mate talk now. You owe it to yourself. And if you Do see Other things that are not looking so rosy in Denmark, start making a few plans of your own.
    Take it from one who has been there... Mom and dad are Number One in their Baby book.
    Good luck. xx.


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  • So you come on here to figure it out? Just tell him. You guys are together hopefully for a bunch of good reasons. And this is a perfect opportunity to bring your relationship to a healthy point by talking to him and explaining how you feel to him. If he doesn't understand and try to compromise with you then he never will. I wish you the best of luck.

  • Mamma's boy, all the way.


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