Are my messages being annoying?

Ok say i have been dating this guy for five months now and we have a really great relationnship. the only thing is i text him one thing and he won't reply for hours and i really want to text him something else back and his inbox gets quickly filled with messages from me. i dont think it would annoy me for a guy to message me things a lot as long as the werent stupid and they were relevant but i think a guy would think it was annoying getting 3-5 messages when they check their phones so what do you guys think

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  • Girs... Please try and understand that sometimes we have other things to do! :)
    We do not sit by the phone, staring at it all day long, just wating for your text. He could be at work, at school, out with friends and enjoyig his life.
    A "why dont you answer my texts ASAP" from a girl is one of the things that could make me dump her.

    My advice: dont overthink everything. Send you text and go on with your day. Dont think about his reply. He will answer when he has the time.

    • @MikeDavids This is the PERFECT answer. I don't understand why so many people in this day in age try to base the status of a friendship or feelings off of how fast and often people answer stupid texts.

      To the asker: CALL HIM if it's important. Talk to him in the real world.

    • well, i know that he works from 5:00 to 10:00 most every day. he keeps his phone turned off. and most of our contact is in the real world

    • Dont think about that.
      Send the text you want to send. Put away your phone and dont think about it.
      If he hasnĀ“t replied the next day, it is ok to ask "did you get my text"

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What Guys Said 2

  • It's good that you suspect it is annoying. Because it is. BUT we would almost never admit that to the girl, because she'd get upset.

    Great for you, if you can dial it back a notch and not make him the bad guy. Either by lying to you, or by having to admit that it's annoying.


What Girls Said 1

  • Please stop texting him so much and figure out why isn't he texting you back within a reasonable range of time instead.