Can a guys body language in a couples photo give it away if he is really not that into her?

So there is this couple that I always see on social media, naturally the girl is very expressive on showing her love for him on social media ( instagram, FB, Twitter) As a guy he tends to. It be so expressive, but he does she he is in love. However, I almost think he is not that into her, by the way he takes pictures with his girlfriend. She always hugs him, and he 9/10 times will just have his arm around her neck, with his hand hanging in the air. It's almost like a pose you see with siblings. He rarely or never puts his hand around her waist or lower back. Is this weird, is this him subconsciously showing he really is not that into her? Or am I way too crazy to think this over haha. I like to study body language!


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  • i think thats just his personality not the way he feels if you see pics on fb of two people extremly happy the next day they might brake up your looking at a public photo, not behind the scenes


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  • I think you are over thinking here or perhaps it's wishful thinking. Some people just don't like to get their picture taken or be in them & it shows.


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