I'm a junior in high school right now and I just wanted some dating advice. Is it a good idea start dating again till college, what do you all think?

I've been thinking about putting my relationship status on hold and waiting till college to start dating again. I only dated once in high school but it didn't last very it was just Jan. 2014 - March 2014, he ended up changing as well but I guess everyone changes. I've decided to just focus on my studies because I haven't found the right guy, do you guys think waiting to start dating again till college is a good choice?


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  • Not to burst your bubble, but I would wait until high school, evidence shows middle school relationships don't last long.

    • Read my question please I'm in High School and dated my sophomore year who is now my ex who I don't talk to anymore I wanted an opinion on is it a good idea to wait till college to start dating because most guys at my school don't know what the heck a relationship is of course my ex didn't so that's why I'm looking for feed back. I already dated once in HS and my ex changed and broke up with me so I'm trying to focus on my studies and not worry so much about dating cause it led to a distraction for me.

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    • My apologies

    • I am a junior year in high school

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