She always replied back but now why isn't she replying back?

I approached a girl at the mall on 7/22 and we went on a insant date. We had a great time and spent talking for a few hours. A major event that she's going through now is a divorce. She filed for it two months ago, she told me that she's over him. He is a bad guy and she moved out leaving all her things there. She's living with her parents currently. When we departed I told her I was going to call her that Friday. She's 29 and I'm 25. Friday came I called her, she sounded happy and told me she didn't think I was going to call. We spoke for a while before she had to leave to take her nephews out. She told me she would be the one to call me because she has a busy schedule so the times she's able to call be varies. From Friday on, we spoke almost every night briefly before bedtime. She would tell she would call me tom and she would. At times, she would say I'll be in touch with you and she'll call me a few days later. We managed so far to go on two dates. I'm in school and she works. She would drive up meet with me at school and then we would go in my car to dinner. After dinner she would tell me she had a great time. We would smile and give me strong eye contact. After the second date which was on a Tuesday that same weekend she was going to Boston to visit her friends. When she returned we agreed on a third date. She's been really busy and we agreed that we would go when she was available. This past Wednesday were suppose to go but she called Tuesday night canceling it because she was sad and it wasn't fair to put me in that situation. The ex had called her asking for forgiveness and she broke down. She said she was going to call me on the weekend but I texted her instead on Sat. I asked how she was. She replied same thing and that her and the ex were going to a mediator hopefully sort things out. She hopes all is well with me and that she'll talk me to me later. It's Tuesday night and I still haven't heard from her. I'm not sure what do do here.


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  • You have to stand back, be patient for awhile, and don't get excited. Her relationship with her husband was not a good one, counseling will not likely make it better, and the whole marriage drama will repeat itself. That's when she will be calling you.

    Meanwhile, since you are socially agile you should shop around and go out with other girls. Keep occupied with your studies. You have not formally become a couple with the divorce girl after just a few dates. She may have entanglements unknown to you, so you might be more prudent by keeping a low profile for now. You sure don't want trouble by going between a married couple.