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I asked a guy I've been talking to for a minute now to go to counties which is a girls ask guys prom. He said yes, and then I officially asked him yesterday and he said he would have to check his schedule. The dance is in February but I asked him so early because I know he's always so busy, so he could clear it for that date. And I said that was why I asked early. He wasn't answering my texts so I panicked ( we had sex the day I asked him) and started telling how suspicious it was to me that he said yes first and then changed his mind after we had sex. (He was a virgin) anyways he got annoyed after I accidentally sent him a text that was directed to my best friend. And I was complaining about him to her. He said wow. I didn't even get a chance to tell you anything and you are once again jumping to conclusions. I'll take that as my leave. I know what that means, but I don't know if he meant he never wanted to talk to me again. I apologized for my actions. And asked him to be patient with me. He hasn't responded yet, but everyone, how would you feel? by the way I know he's not mad at me..

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  • He was either using you or he lost interest in you after you had sex with him because you weren't enough of a challenge for him. I would try to find somebody else or be sweet and respectful and just "brush him" which means limited and light social attempts at contact but don't come on to strong. If you are polite and nice but give him A LOT OF SPACE and the guy is somewhat or just a little bit interested in you - he will usually come around if he feels it's his decision and not you pushing him to make the choice to be with you. I've done this before and it worked for me.

    • I dont think its either one honestly... but reading this kind of sucks

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  • What a flake that guy is. I'm betting the message you sent him accidentally had no bearing on the matter. Get rid of him and find guy more worthy of you and with whom you can communicate your feelings without restraint.

    • Well we've gotten in multiple little arguments about my trust with him, because of my experience with other guys... I really don't think he was using me nor lying to me..

    • Okay, but both sides have to take and give a bit. Don't be so quick to blame yourself for everything that goes wrong. You want a forgiving and tolerant guy, at any rate, to establish a long-term affair because couples disagree all the time and petty misunderstandings should not sink a close friendship.

    • We are still getting to know each other.. We only met a couple months ago. And I'm getting anxiety I'm starting to regret my decision.

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  • I wouldn't have anything to do with him to be honest.