How to overcome shyness? (In regards to Dating)

So I've been dating a guy for just over a week. Over text I am fine, because I get to think about what to say to him, and it is overall easier for me to communicate. In person, I'm pretty shy at first (Once I get to know someone more and know they won't judge me by what I say or do, I act much more outgoing). I've been out with him only around 3 times, but I just honestly am so nervous I can't think of much to say! He's pretty outgoing and he can talk well, but I just go completely blank and don't wanna just say any random thing that comes to my head cause I'll look like an idiot!
We went out with a group to the movies yesterday, and I wasn't too bad at making conversation but still I sucked.
Another friend of mine, is good at starting conversation and so they talked a fair bit, which just makes me mad at myself that I can't even talk to this guy properly. I mean I'm not technically being shy, but just being quiet. When I say something, I will say it with confidence or whatever. I just don't know what to say! How can I fix this? Like I don't want to bore him because I hardly talk.

I love talking to! Is it just cause I'm nervous? It's so frustrating.. I left last night mentally hitting myself in the head because it's stupid. Please please please help. Anyone else have a way to overcome shyness, or think of conversation starters? :(


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  • One trick is to think about some subjects you want to talk about in advance - general ideas and some specifics. It could be following up with something he talked about in email / text, or it could be something you bring up "seeding it" for later conversation. If you have enough of these to fall back on, then you can let the conversation take it's natural course and not worry about it. Some thoughts: funny stories, things you share in common, unusual experience you or someone you know had, etc...

    And don't sweat it. Your on date three plus. :)


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