Girls. What are some valuable relationship knowledge you gained through past relaionships?

What would you tell someone with less experience to help hem have a more successful relationship?


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  • this is my best advice, but also the hardest to grasp.

    don't ever try to change a guy, and you know what i mean by change. not small things like his living habits if he's lazy then get him to do his laundry or something. i mean big changes. you'll always have a gut feeling if it'll work out/if it's right or not. trust that gut feeling. no matter how strong or little, if it's always there then trust it.

    don't be that girl that tries to change the guy, like if he's a party animal don't try to change that. it's exhausting, you'll put up with a lot and in the end they'll resent you for it, if they don't break up with you for it. even if the change is good for them, remember, IF THEY DON'T WANT THE HELP, YOU CAN'T HELP THEM.

    my best advice, i went through this with my ex boyfriend, it was an awful relationship i don't know how i even got through it lol. but i'm telling you, 1) trust you gut feelings and 2) never try to change someone. every girl wants to be that girl that changes the guy, it's not that simple and it's not worth it.

    • Can you give an example of that gut feeling?

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    • Is it something like he's cheating on you. Or more like you won't last long term. Or like you're not good enough or he's not good enough etc?

    • my dear, it's a gut feeling. trust me when i say you will just know. i can't explain it.

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  • Don't try to change a person, if you feel like you have to work to keep a conversation going instead of letting if flow probably would become more of chore later on.

    If I see his friends being a huge influence on him i'd see what type of people they are..
    Try not to seem so demanding and vice versa, but also if you have a gut feeling about something it is probably right.. follow it.

  • if the guy is faithful he is a keeper if he takes forever to text you dont assume he's cheating he could just be really busy try to be there for them and dont use sex as a tool because they might think you just want them for that and if you guys are meant be then you will have a awesome relationship=)

  • You don't have to be right all the time. Even when he's completely 100% wrong, sometimes proving yourself right isn't worth the damage it'll do to your relationship. Unless it's a serious subject - in which case, shut him down.

    If he says something that can be taken two ways - one of which is offensive and one which is nice, he means the nice one.

    This one I learned from a friend's relationship, and it should be common sense - If he says he doesn't want to be with you anymore, don't try to convince him otherwise. Just let him go.