How do I meet a guy?

I'm almost 21 years old and I think it's time I start dating. In the past I hadn't had any luck with guys, it was constant rejection so I simply gave up. I'm a changed woman now, I have way more confidence and I show a little more skin (not to much). It's my second year in college I don't have many friends at the moment so I pretty much do everything alone, finding a guy to have fun with would be nice. I don't get along with to many girls as well, so. Anyways, there are tons of handsome guys at my school and I want one. Sadly, I don't know how to meet one, I don't know how to be approached by one, and I don't even know if they notice me. I basically don't know anything about dating. ADVICE PLEASE


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  • In an effort to personalize my answer for your issue specifically, can I ask, in your view, what are the reasons you feel caused guys to constantly reject you? Do you think it was due to your personality, beliefs, physical traits, style or interests? Or, anything at all, please, do share?

    • @TheStaff_Sergeant I would say physical traits and style.

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    • Yes I do =) and I realize that, I am going to try and change it though... it just have to get the guts to. Also I don't necessarily know if I am looking for a relationship either I just know I want to be talking to guys and in order to do that I have to be approached.

    • or approach them as well.

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  • As I've said on a couple posts now here, you don't always have to be the one to be approached, the societal norm of "guys gotta do the asking" has been around for so long and at this point seems kinda obsolete... Just say "Hi, what's your name." or something like that, It will be a case of trial and error sometimes, or you could get lucky right away!

    Confidence is another thing people always tell guys is the most important aspect of finding someone, while I don't believe the same is always the case for girls, a large portion of the time if he see's you are interested in talking to him and you use a strong but relaxed voice he will probably make a move if you haven't already.

  • Rejection is a part of life, giving up is the easy way out!

    Your improved confidence should help when you chat with guys, but try to not have the mindset of "i want a man". There's certainly no formula for how to be approached by a guy either.

    Besides the same old advice, I'd say try talking with guys in your class, study groups and all that are both helpful and a good way to meet people.


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