I need to say something but don't know how?

I have been sleeping with this guy but i don't know if he wants it to continue past the week we had together. I was thinking about sending him this message, it's fairly forward, but i feel like i should say something.

"This might be too bold, but i just want to say that from my perspective we had a great week & I want that to continue. I definitely don’t want a relationship or anything like that if that’s what scares you. I just want sex, fun & company. Just think about it, but if you don’t want to do it then that’s fine :)"


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  • Is that what you actually want though? If you honestly don't want a relationship, then sure, that's fine. But then you probably don't even want to through the relationship line in there at all. But if you DO want a relationship, and are just trying to keep it some kind of open friends with benefits thing in the hopes that it may become one later, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment later.

    Basically, be honest with yourself first and foremost. THEN be honest with him. Then figure out how to make it work.

    That message kind of conveys a bit of a "I don't have respect for myself, but I am lonely, so I am willing to do whatever you want so you continue to show me attention" vibe. It adds a bit of an "It's casual, it's all cool" twist to try to make it seem ok, but that's how it comes across. Of course, if it's a younger guy he may not pick up on that and just think "Sweet, score". I am not sure that is the message you are trying to convey (in fact, I seriously doubt it is), so you may want to consider what you want and find a slightly different way to phrase it.


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  • Keep it shorter and simpler...
    "Hi great week. Are we going to play again? :)"

    Guys always like girls who enjoys the sex she has with us. :)
    In your text you talk feelings, and sorry but it sounds a little bit like begging...

    Stand up, be confident...

  • Sounds good to me. lol


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