I found out my boyfriends cheating on me?

Basically his friends were talking to me and my best friend today. They asked me if I was his gf and I said yes. They then asked if I knew this girl lets call her Melissa. I asked them who's Melissa and they kept saying don't worry. I then asked if my boyfriend told them about Melissa and they said yes. They said its a girl from the place where he does sport.
I went on his instagram (He only accepts people that he knows) and on his instagram there was a girl named Melissa.
I immediately messaged him and told him we need to talk. He's at the place where he does sport right now. I honestly don't know what to do.
Should I break up with him? What do I say when I talk to him?
Do you think he's cheating? What would you do if you were in my position?


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  • First calm down. You don't know anything about anything.
    Second, get some facts without assuming the worst.

    You're under 18, so i know the temptation is huge to get all melodramatic. But if you look around the website, you'll find tons of examples of girls who dump in haste and then regret it. And they post sobbing questions asking how they can get the guy back.

    And the answer is, they can't. You can't accuse a guy of cheating, dump him, and then get him back. There are some things you can't undo. There's no reset button.

    So calm down, get the facts, and then make a rational decision, not a rash one.


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  • i dont see a reason to cheat here.. neither do i see THAT he's cheating.
    its sport right.. he probably got into her AS FRIEND and they sport together to make time pass by faster?
    can't a guy who has a relationship have girl friends? im just saying okay. maybe you should just ask him, who is melissa, what do you do with her? done. if he doesn't answer straight up there's something wrong i guess.
    in that case, my opinion didn't matter and was of no value to you.

    • Look, I don't care if he has girl-friends. I trusted him all this time and honestly, If Melissa was just a friend, his friends wouldn't tell me about her. They asked me if I knew about her.

    • Okay fair enough. you trusted him all this time. however, did he never spoke about melissa or drop the name? yet you still should ask him about her.. because you are the one that needs to know now that his friends told you. right?

    • He actually has said her name in the past. Before we were together he asked me if I knew her because she went to my old school although she was one grade below me. I said yeah I've heard of her and it ended there

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  • Dump him, his friends clearly don't know about your "relationship" which shows how serious he is about you.

  • Just because he has a girl named Melissa on Instagram, doesn't mean anything. And all you know they could just be friends and his friends are just starting drama for no reason. Try to relax and when you talk to him just say, who is Melissa and why are people telling me not to worry about her? Then let him do the talking.. See what he says.

    • But why would he tell his friends about her if she meant nothing to him? His friends wouldn't know her because they are from his old school and they don't go to the same sport place

    • You have no evidence that he is cheating, find her on Facebook all you know she might already have a boyfriend. Maybe they just heard a story about her, if something was up and he was cheating, I highly doubt his friends would mention it to you. After all they are his friends, they would have his back. All you can do is ask him about why his friends have said this about the girl to you. Then go from there, you can either worry or just find out for yourself.