I've been dating this guy for almost 9 months but I dont know if we are in r/s?

I've know this guy 21 yr old almost 9 months. we have been dating quite long , we both know each other quite well.. we went out , have fun , hold hands , kiss , take pictures , hugs. But i just dont get it why he hasn't confess to me anything? I dont know if im already consider as his gf. Are we in r/s? . Clearly , we are like couple , but we are not in r/s. He hasn't give any signals yet. He misses me if we didn't meet for a few days or weeks. He hug me and call me his baby. And his mine. But i feel weird. And clueless. Should i wait for him to confess? Its oreadi 9 months or should i give him hint that i like him? Or should i wait till he make the move. But i can see he really into me and he likes me. The only gurl that he talks with every single day is me. What should i do?


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  • You know, girls can approach guys and tell them how they feel too. Maybe you should talk to him?

    • I agree with him lol that's probably the best move

    • But i scared that it will be awkward. Cus we didn't talk about this kind of thing before you see.. how should i ask him?

    • If it's awkward it's awkward. Maybe he feels exactly the same way you do. And if he doesn't, cut him off anyway.

      How should you ask him? In private. Tell him how you feel and tell him what you want out of things and however he responds, he responds.

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