Is this a sign of a relationship?

A month ago I started seeing a guy. At the very beginning he told me that he didn't want to get close to anyone (no physical contact at that time). He will be going out of town for work for 2-3 months. Since then throughout the month I see him 2-3 wk, he texts/calls at least twice a day. He loves and spends time with my daughter. Now there is kissing/holding hands not only in public but in front of mutual friends. I also went to a family function of his. Is this the start of a relationship or am I confused because he told me in the beginning?

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anyone else possibly a man in his late 30, s early 40, s?


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  • It definitely sounds like the start of a relationship. Actions always speak louder than words. Obviously, his intentions at the start was to not to get into one "at that time". However, his actions since then seem to have change to reverse. I wouldn't go telling your family or friends that you and him are in an exclusive relationship quite yet. Wait a little longer to see what develops. If this continues and you find yourselves getting closer and closer together, I'd ask him if he changed his mind from what he told you at the beginning because you find yourself getting closer to him now and it looks like he's doing the same. You should get a pretty straight answer from him so that you'll have the answer to your concern. If you don't, then ask him why he doesn't want to be straight forward with you because he's been acting like he really likes you. My guess is that he's changed his mind but found no reason to make a statement about it thinking you could tell by his actions. This question should not upset him nor change anything. If it does then all the more it's time to be asking this question before you get too committed to him but him not with you.. Good luck!

  • it is staRT OF somwthing but you should be careful about your heart so you don't hurt if it ended up not as expected


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