I start meet a new gilr that I met her accidentally at school. Couldn't believe how things go fast between us. Am I moving fast? is she like me?

So I met this girl by accident we both were leaving an event and talked for a mins then shared numbers. I asked her for lunch next day she said she will love too. then we actually met a night before the lunch for a ceomedy night then I gave her a ride and talked for an hour in the car... Everything keep happening like that we meet and getting closer. I invite her for a date on my BD and she came we hold hands went to her place and cuddels. she is showing intrest but not as me and she is willing to go with me to chicago for couple days. she never says no to any touch from me..."she is virigin" but I am not her first. I want to define this relation I want get closer. she said we enjoy our company a lot but we don't have to meet everyday. i m worry I am overwhelming her. She is show a lot of intrest when we are together but she is quite when we are not.


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  • Give her some space. She's obviously into you, but everyone needs time of their own.

    • When can I get closer and see her everyday and whenever I want... I used to be like that with my ex I know it will take a while but when?

    • It varies with every person. If she starts to seem uncomfortable, back off. Spending too much time with one person can be a bad thing!

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  • Bro you grammar almost gave me an aneurysm. Similarly to you typing I think you should slow it down with her.