I'm falling for a guy with a deformity and I want to find a way to get over it?

So far this is an internet thing and I don't know the extent of his abilities just now. We've been talking and we're on the same page with our feelings for each other--they're strong, abnormally strong and I've never met another person like him before.

The only problem is he has a deformity. One of his legs is bigger and shorter than the other and he has a limp. I'm not sure how bad, but he says he's used to getting attention that he's blocked out.

The thing is, he had an accident and is a little more immobile now, but he's used to being a pretty buff, in shape guy. I saw previous photos and am really attracted. Even now, he's still really attractive to me so I know once he's healed up more and gets back in shape he's going to be really hot to me, at least just sitting there.

I'm just a little reticent because I have my own issues he knows about. I hate getting public attention in a bad way and it scares me a bit that I might feel embarrassed being out with him or just really turned off by his legs in person. I've seen them as they are now and they're not great.

I really don't want to end things with him. He doesn't seem like he's ever used to being very limited. He's used to being in ten times the shape I am! We want all the same things, we have all the same interests, we can have great debates and not get mad at each other. I just hate that I'm getting upset about the deformity, thinking about what my family would say and what people would do. I want to get over it. I don't know how.


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  • If this comes down to: Oh my, what will others think?
    Then you need to face that fear and tell it to go away.
    That is a worst possible reason to accept, or reject someone.

    I'm not judging you here, I understand what social pressure does. But if you let it shape your life to that extent, you will be very unhappy living it. And you only get one. =/

    • You're right. I was just having a hypersensitive moment. I really love this guy and none of that shit matters.

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  • Meet him in person and see how things go.

  • You don't deserve him, if you're that shallow then you're not good enough for him.


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