Should I let him go? And get over him? :(?

What to assume when a guy you really like , talks about the other girls , and talk about all his ex's? He even told me after , he liked me , and close to love me and whatsoever , but I couldn't believe him , after that he just ignored me for a long time , I met him one day , it was fun.. we talked like nothing happen... At the end he drove me home , and asked me to cuddle and stuff , i refused.. And now , whenever I intiate the conversation , he returnes and say that he's sorry , he's busy.. And I'm not even sure what does he feel towards me.. Are we friends or not? Does he care or not?

please help


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  • you guys are friends but i don't think he's over his past relationship or exs so don't expect much from him when wanting a relationship or something more because he's holding on to some memories he's not ready to let go yet and him ignoring you shows he's way to concern in the life of his exs then himself he could of been the major reasons why his exs and him didn't work out and feel guilty behind some of them i think you should be there as a friend don't fall for cuddling or anything because he's at a desparate vulnerable state of mind to where he needs someone there by his side cause he's feeling lonely he's making excuses because he sees you as nothing but a friend and he's not over past relationships i feel like he's trying to mend something that didn't work out before with someone else

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