Was this a bad way to ask her out?

I said I was wondering if she wanted to go out this coming weekend. Originally I was going to be specific and say miniature golf, but in the heat of the moment I just said what was on my mind.

I heard some girls don't like this conventional generic way of asking, so I thought I'd ask.

It's just that I felt like it would be weird to be asking a girl out to miniature golf like that even though I know it's a great first date idea. But subconsciously, a part of me feels it's a pathetic date idea.


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  • that sucks

    • What does?

    • that she had a bf

    • The way you did it. You need to be confident with it. Also, have other options available as well. She may not want to golf. I mean she'll go most likely buttt you never know. Next time, be more assertive

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  • depends on the girl but it wasn't really bad because 1. your age group and 2. its casual


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  • I think its a great way to ask. As for me id hate a mini golf date. But I dont know the girl she may like it.

    To me it gives the girl more excitement, but you should have at least said. "Like mini golf or something?"

    You seem to be a shy one. So that MIGHT be a plus if she's into that kind of thing. (:

  • It's okay:) but I think it depends on that specific girl.

    • She gave me a really wide smile and her whole face brightened up and said that she has a boyfriend.

    • Oh... I'm sorry.

    • No, I am fine lol. I actually am feeling much better after getting turned down than I was before because now I can look myself in the mirror and say that I succeeded in being a man today and released all that self-doubt and angst. Really, it's the negative anticipation and self-doubt before you ask a girl out that's the worst.

      I have noticed that asking a girl out and getting turned down actually helps my confidence and makes me feel better than going home not asking at all. Then I doubt myself and feel worse when I don't do it.

  • I think tht is a great way to ask a girl out. Its short and yo the point. And it gives u a reason to tlk to her agian later. To make plans for the date and times and stuff.


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