When is a good time to remind a girl we have date coming up?

The reason I ask is because I really like this girl, and we've been on and off again type of dating. Now I just want to know when is good time to remind her so that I don't buy tickets for nothing lol
-two days before
-a day before
-day of
Can any girls give me some heads up here I would really appreciate it. Thanks


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  • Just ask her either..
    1. If she is excited for it
    2. What time you should pick her up
    3. If she wants to hangout before for a little
    4. Say you can't wait
    ... If you use any of those it will automatically remind her about and maybe even start a nice little conversation :)


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  • Being like "so we still on for (blank day)?" is fine. Tbh I refuse to initiate texts... I don't know why. A lot of the time I'd like to talk to the guy but am afraid to come off as clingy. Never realized it may be the same for guys xD!

    • It's happens to us too I'm a afraid lol

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  • Not a female but I can definitely help you!

    Start up a casual conversation via text by making a joke. Don't just say "what's up" or it will seem like you just sit around thinking about her all day.

    Then after a few messages, casually say, so what time are we on for (insert date). Don't ask if you are still on, just confidently assume...

    • That's actually a very cool of doing it thanks man

  • if anything do it 1 day before. I usually do it on the same day hours before the date.

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