So I need to know if im what she wants?

so there's this girl im really into right now, she's great, but I'm not sure if im what she wants. here's a little info on her, she's younger than I am one year difference, her mom and dad are both cops and strict as crap! but she's not one of those rebellious types though.

now ill give some info on me, sorry I sound like im bragging, but im an average guy I've got a good game plan for when I leave school, im actually going to work in law enforcement, I treat women as equals, and I respect them, I know how to treat a girl and I would do anything to be with someone I cared about. if yo need anymore info put it in the comments thanks girl and guys bye :)


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  • You can't be 100% sure. But if you were honest, then I see no reason why she would dislike you.


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