What are some things that you expect from a guy?

What are some good qualities that everyone boyfriend should have?


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  • He should be faithful.
    He should be cute.
    He should make me laugh, but that does not mean he has to be funny (I like corny guys who try to be funny because that makes me laugh just as hard).
    He should be playful (but not fully immature).
    He should have a sweet smile and pretty good teeth.
    He should be friendly to others (but not flirty if we're dating atm).
    He should be taller than me (not a specific height, just taller).
    He should be romantic.
    He should be fit enough to remain healthy (because abs and biceps are a preference not a requirement).
    He shouldn't be insecure but he also shouldn't get cocky.
    He should be ambitious (basically work hard to get where he wants to be in life).
    He shouldn't be ride or die, but he should have my back.
    Its okay to be a little risky, but he shouldn't go all hardcore daredevil on me.
    He should expect of me what I expect of him.

    The end :)


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  • Me personally: I like a guy who's himself, Sweet, acts a little weird but a cute weird, puts up with my shit, should smile before and after a kiss to let me know he still feels something, hugs me from behind when my back is turned... Doesn't matter what the guy looks like if he is sweet to me and I can talk and get a long with him he's perfect!

  • From all men & women, I expect respect, & they should expect it from me. If a man is in a relationship with me, I want him & I to do both do our part. I also want both of us to love & support each other, & be companions.

  • for me just for them to be honest and smell good


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