Does it mean anything from how much a guy spends on the first date?

I had a date with let's call him Mr X and it went exceptionally well! He was romantic and a gentlemen and we clicked very well. We ended up kissing good night and I think there will be a second date. However, we didn't know that until at the end of the night and when he was spending, he obviously didn't know if I'd be interested in a second date. It was really impressive how much he tried to do all in his power to make the date memorable. Does this mean he's doing it with every other girl he's going out on dates with (if there are) or he's really interested in pursuing this further?

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  • Some guys are just raised to spoil ladies. I'm the same way. If I take a woman out, I'll do everything I can to make sure she has a good time. Sadly they're usually the ones who get treated like dirt. Since you say you're interested in him, that's definitely good and I'm sure he would be flattered when you're ready for a second date.

    • He did ask for a second date! :) I'd be a fool if I treated a man like that with dirt.

    • Good forfor you! I hope it goes well :)

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