Today I asked a girl out and now I hear everyone knows?

I knew this was a risk, but I acted in spite of it because you can't always play life safe. Let the critics criticize. I am not going to let people who don't love me or care for me stop me from going for what I want and ultimately dictate my life.

The question is: what can I expect and how should I deal with it?


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  • People like to gossip in high school, just give it a couple of weeks, & everyone will forget about it. It sounds like you have a good attitude, & that's all you really need. Good luck.

    • Should I avoid asking anyone else out in the meantime?

    • That's up to you, if there is someone else you like, I say go for it. At least the other girl will know you're not heartbroken about her saying no.

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  • Go on like it's a normal day and if confronted, own it and move on.


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  • A girl who gossips is not a girl worth being with. That said, sometimes it's hard not to share with a friend because it's still a compliment just to be asked out.

    • Nah, I don't blame her. If I somehow got asked out, I would obviously tell my friends. The problem is when those FRIENDS share it. So I don't blame her.

    • Too bad her friends are such gossips. Just take it as a compliment that she told her friends, cause it probably means she was flattered.

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