How should I ask a girl I've been dating if she is seeing other guys?

Ok long story short. Met this girl last year on tinder and went out a few times. Fast forward to about 3 months ago we started hanging out again as friends and then turned into more. Say we been seeing eachother for the last 2 months at least once or twice a week. It came to my surprise from someone that I knew she was still on tinder as of today. How should I go about this? We both have a lot of fun when we are around eachother and get along great. Do I just confront her about it or do I just cut my loses and stop seeing her?


Sorry to forget to put the past two months we have been dating.


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  • Wait so let me get this clear.. She's cheating on you?

    • Haha when I read what I wrote I guess that's what it sounds like, but we never had any talk of dating exclusive.

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    • And that's the thing I feel like I am starting to like her more and more, but if she does not feel the same I am not going to keep her as a friend just for the hopes she will turn around. That's why I wanted to know how to ask her what the deal is without seeming needy

    • Then just go for it be late aight up don't hesitate or it will sound needy but don't sound over protective just sound interested in the subject

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  • "Hey, just wondering? Have you been on Tinder lately to see what's been going on? I haven't been on in a dog's age..."Give a slight chuckle, for laughs and giggles, See what she says in return.
    Good luck. xx

  • Well now, are you exclusive? If you haven't made any commitment to her, then she's still free to date anyone else. If you want her to yourself, tell her you want to make it an exclusive thing.


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  • @Asker

    Good question, if you think you she's up to par for a "long term" relationship then you should address this with her. However if you don't think she would be a good partner for you "long term" then you can cut loose from her if you so desire.

    Protect your heart before going into this situation because you might not like what you hear so just be careful of your emotions. Tell her you really like her and want to take the relationship deeper but you want to know where she stands in regards to the relationship. Then mention that you're curious about her past or "recent" (pay attention) relationships. Remind her you want the two of you to be closer, more open, more exclusive as well as "honest" and that things like tinder seem like obstacles to that.

    If she hesitates or is apprehensive then that's a red flag. If she tells you has she has been seeing guys then that's a judgment you have to make as to whether you should stay with her or not. Good Luck, man !!

    • Thanks bud that was exactly what I needed to hear!

    • No problem, stay true to your values and guard your heart! : )