Was there ever a time when someone told you your crush doesn't like you back but actually did?

Like a personal experience when you were just dying to know if your crush liked you back and someone "maybe a friend of hers/his" told you that your crush didn't like you but you end up finding out that he or she does


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  • Yeah I was flirting with this guy and we almost dated. A girl who liked him lied and told me he had a girlfriend because she wanted him for herself. I found out a couple of weeks later that she was lying to me.

    • Wow thats just wrong...

  • Im hoping this happens for me. I used to like my best friends brother but she said that he wasn't into me like that. Yet i wanna hear it from him. But this kinda happened when I was first bou to date my ex. He told this friend of mine that he wasn't into me like that, yet his cousin is my next door neighbor, and he told her different. I don't know why he told two diff people two diff things, but yea. He basically ended up telling me that he did like me and we ended up dating. =\ still weird


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