Does he seem "clingy" to you?

Well he told me that he loved me the second week we were dating and then he texted me every day no big deal but when I dont text him back he texts me again and again and he then calls me and skypes me and when he doesn't know what to talk about he keeps asking the same question and he is really insecure about our relationship and he always tells me im pretty and I am pretty sure that is the only reason he's dating me because he never tells his friends what im like... he only likes to show off my looks... but he seems like he is only dating me because he thinks im pretty.\: I dont think I love him like I tols him I did...

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  • I really think that he is insecure. He thinks you are really pretty, and I think he shows off your looks becuz he thinks your REALLY pretty. He thinks that he is not good enough for you, and even though he doesn't say it his actions of his calls and texts reflects his insecurity. Maybe he's so clingy becuz he wants to keep u close and maybe has the fear of break ups. Maybe at night, he stares at his phone and waits and waits rhinking, "why does she even like me?"
    Do u know him really well? Cuz if u don't he might just be some kid with a crush and is flattered that his cute crush likes him. He seems to be really paranoid, as if he is spending his whole life trying impress you. I am a really insecure person too, and recently I sent my crush (who likes me back also bit aren't dating) a series of texts addressing my stupid insecurities. He replied me after I was finished, texted me back playing the part of mentor, and now I feel so much better. And then he told me that he didn't like me as much as I liked him. And for some reason I actually felt really calm since he had restored my self confidence. I told him thank you for the truth, and even now I don't feel heart broken. Because even though hw doesn't like me as kuxh as I like him, he is still my best friend and still he has feelings for me. A relationship is build on trust, I think you should talk to him and be his mentor and tell him that you both have lives outside of the phone and relationship. If he truly cares for you, hw will understand. Good luck!!!


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  • He really seems to me that he's dating you for the looks. trying to be the cool kid that dates the hot chick, i'd advise you to confront him about this and ask him why he's saying these things. and you ever hear that sometimes are insecure about things because they are doing something on the side that is of the unfaithful nature this could be the case here. If he accuses you of cheating then he's cheating on you I can tell you that much

  • I think you answered your own question. It sounds more like he's insecure than anything.

  • as you said he is insecure. he's afraid of losing you. im like that and i can understand what he feels. he tries to show his love at maximum because he really loves you and doesn't want you to dump him... for any reason. he doesn't want to show off. you misunderstood him. im not 100% sure about that because every person is different but there is a really high chance he feels like i told you.


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