Know a guy for 5 days should I ask him out?

I met this guy at a school event (college) and now we hang out a lot. We actually stayed out all night the night we met. But I want to take things further should I or should I let him?

Well i ended up asking him out. Im extremely happy about my decision though.


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  • "Now that we hang out a lot," Which You Do, and even 'Actually stayed out all nite we met,' this is telling me that you both have this kind of new Sizzling Spark started, that with going the rate that you are, being it's new, everything is simply Perfect Right now. So what's the rush?
    Get to know one another, nurse and nurture what you both have begun planting and in time, ol' Mother Nature will tell each of you if it is meant to sow the seeds you wish to Reap.
    No, don't say anything right now. He might grow cold duck feet and quickly waddle back into the murky waters, or just end up putting you on his pay no mind list.
    I feel time and becoming closer with each passing day, will Be your Guide, your helpful hint as to Decide if or even When----Things go further...
    Good luck. xx

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