Why is he like this?

So one of my best guy friends asked me out over the summer, texting me really long replies about how he doesn't want to pressure me and he's never felt this way about another girl before. But then all of a sudden he calls it off even after I tried to plan something. Every time I asked what time he wanted to go out (even though I was hesitant about my feelings towards him) he replied with "idk". Now school has started and I feel like he's avoiding me. He won't make eye contact and when I try to be nice and try to make things less awkward by hanging with him and his friends and my friends at lunch, it feels like he's either too shy and embarrassed to say hi or he hates me. Does he still like me? I think I might like him back...

But why did he call it off after all those sweet things he said before?


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  • He still likes ypu he's just embaresed talk to him about it and tell him ypu want to go out

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