She's 18 and I'm 21?

This is more like a vent than a question i guess but opinions and advice are more than welcomed... there is this girl I've known for a while she just turned 18 and goes to college 45 minutes away. I was going out with some girl that totally broke my heart. When I told her about that she confessed her love to me. I know she will treat me well and she will be so good to me, but right now I'm still getting over the other girl. I feel somewhat numb. When I thought I had already moved on I see a picture of her already with someone else so that just Set me back a little. I have expressed my situation with this girl and she says she understands. She has been there for me all the way through this hard time. The only things that keep me from trying it out other than my situation is that well she is a virgin. I know it's nothing bad but I'm just scared of me being too much or stuff like that. Not saying I will pressure her or anything like that because that's something I will never allow myself to do to anyone.. Also it's her first year of college! And I want her to experience college and what it has to offer! Not just sit in her dorm facetiming me. I know she's an amazing girl and she will be so good to me but I just don't want to hurt her because at the moment I feel numb. It's probably bad timing. I don't lead her on or anything. I'm just myself like I have always been with her but she flirts a lot with me and when I don't flirt back I can see she gets sad and disappointed even tho she tries to hide it. Many people tell me to give her a chance that I will regret it later but I don't know I don't want to force anything or rush things.


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  • Sounds like your ex is an idiot. Move on man. She is dating because she is over you. She doesn't have feelings for you anymore obviously because if she did she wouldn't be dating. She moved on, so why don't you? You seem to really like this girl and if your ex is the only thing keeping you from his girl. Kick her out of your head and go for the girl.

    YOU ARE NOT going to get another girl like this 18 year old, Just tell her you wanna take it slow, You are adults start seeing each other.. doesn't mean you have to go into a relationship with her. Me and the guy in seeing have been seeing each other for about 3 month now and still aren't dating because we still have a lot we need to learn and figure out before we start a complete relationship.

    • Yeah I guess you're right... What happened with the other girl is still some what recent so before I make a move I need to heal and move on first.. I will talk to her and see what she says.. A part of me wants her to go out and meet people because I'm not ready at the time and it's not fair for her.. but then I'm afraid I'll regret it after and all that... but I guess we shall see with time.. but no matter what we will always be close that's for sure... Thank you for commenting! And I hope you and this guy work out as well! :)

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  • Talk to her about it. If you care for her twll her. Tell her about the things you told us here.


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