Kissing with bigger lips?

So my boyfriend and i have known each other our whole lifes. And he jus got up the nerve to kiss me. But he has bigger lips. Mine r medium sized. And I've never had a complaint about my kissing skills. But when we kiss he slobbers all over me. And it really isn't very pleasurable. And i dont like his style. To much tounge. How do i fix this?



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  • Well talk to him about his style. Also you could tell him NO TOUNGE and yeah. At least you have a boyfriend. I'm FOREVER alone!!!;(

    • Thanks. And im sure u will not b alone forever. I thought tht n now I've got a bf. Jus b patient. U will find somw one.

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  • Try to correct him with your lips. Slow him down a little bit and when he comes in aggressively, re-correct him with your body language. If it doesn't work, tell him but in a way that's not offensive. Say you love it when he uses less tongue and kisses you slowly. Frame it in a positive way as opposed to, STOP SLOBBERING ON ME!

  • he is nervous that you would feel like you are kissing a camel lips, if i were you i would just make the first move and make him put those wrong notions behind


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