I'm confused does he not feel good enough for me?

So I've been seeing this guy for the last couple of months and the other night we had an argument, completely my fault and I apologised the next morning. He was still off with me so I tried getting us back to normal just by general chatting. We then ended up having a heart to heart.

He then said I deserve more then what he has to offer. Which threw me I then said I think it should be me who decides that. He then said how he knows I'll just end up getting hurt as that's what he always does.

I told him that how I've been through a lot with him and that I'm still here now. I then basically explained why that he makes me happy, good about myself ect. He then responded about how when I tell him that he makes me feel like shit he questions wether it's worth bothering.

He said that he still wants to talk to me and see where it goes but I'm just feeling a little at loss now, was he just having a down moment because I made him feel like he isn't worthy of me?


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  • He's using the fight as an excuse to leave you. He's not that into you

    • We've had arguments before and we've always gone back to each other. I would have thought so to but after I said he makes me happy & smile etc which makes me forget all the shit he said. 'Good as long as you feel that way we can still talk.' & then he went on to say about when I say he makes me feel like shit it makes him wonder if it's worth bothering... So he said he still wants to talk & see what happens... He just recently asked me out on a date

    • I sort of agree with this- either that or he's just really feeling down about the argument

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  • He probably feels like he can't please you so he's just giving up.