First time with girlfirend?

Recently my girflriend of 7 months has brought up that she wants to have sex with me at some point. Neither of us have ever really brought it up during our relationship. She said she's very nervous, but knows she wants to have her first time with me. I'm not a virgin but I am also very nervous. I like her a lot. I'm afraid that I might not be able to please her for our first time (I'm generally a nervous person). Any advice on how to improve sex? I can already last a bit, I just want to know if I can make sure that it's great for her. So basically, sex advice?

((Disclaimer: I'm not worried about a bad first time ruining our relationship. We have a great emotional and sexual bond. I just want to make sure that she's pleased and has a great first time.))


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  • First times usually suck, just take it slow! Lots of foreplay :) goodluck!!!

  • She's never had sex and the first time will hurt. You need to take it slow and give her time. It would be best if you were on top as well.


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