What is the Defintion of a Shy Female?

Its a girl. she works at subway. That's not the point though... I work at target and her job is across the street, one time she came in was staring really hard at me. I waved at her, and she looked at me like (are you waving at me) then I waved again and she turned her head reall really quick like she's trying to avoid me... smh. Okay Cool. So One day I go to subway and her co-worker were being really playful with me and she was laughing and looking at me. So I laugh only because of her though. She also made my sub before, and she doesn't talk much but it's weird because she has waited to make my sub before... alright so another day I walked passed her outside; she looked at me then turned her head and got on her phone... so I didn't bother... am I being curved or is she shy. A guy friend told me she is shy I really dk.


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  • I think really she's just being shy.


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