I've fallen for this girl and want it to work out?

I never had a gf. middle school 2007 I had a crush on this girl which I never talked to. was still a shy nerdy kid rarely talk to girls. 2008 i moved to a different school.

Now 2014 in my final year university. straight A student. always achieving academic awards. next year I'll be working with one of the top organisations of our government. over the years I've developed, come out of my shell and worked hard to get where I am.

2 months ago I met the girl which I had a crush on back in 2007. came up to talk to her. Were the same age 21 but she's now in year 11. she's left behind a few years. we had a little catch up though she did not remember me. the end of our conversation she said "it was nice talking to you please keep in touch". I gave her my number. we would talk and text each other every single day. most of the time its her who starts the conversation. We got to know each other a little bit more deeper. we went on several dates. she's the sweetest girl ever. she shares with me her deepest secrets and her insecurities. Im always there to support her reaching her goals, studies and when she has problems. she'll always tell me she admires i work hard. she's glad i met her and she says she always can't stop smiling after our dates. she lives at her school's dorm so I would regularly stop by and send her desserts. she loves desserts.

2 weeks ago we met and she said she's falling for me. she's afraid because her ex really hurt her (she mentioned about him before). they were together 4 years and broke up 2 years ago. priority now is to study hard and get to university cause she's far left behind and her family thinks she's a screw up. now is her exam period. she doesn't want to get distracted. she asked if its better if we stopped talking and seeing each other often. now we rarely text. i just text her good luck each day she has an exam. i know she's busy. Im just worried this will carry on and I will lose her though she's not mine. I've fallen for her too.


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  • You've just got to give it time! :)
    You've finished up school and gotten what seems like your dream job.
    You can't be selfish if you want to work it out, so you have to let her finish up school so you can continue together!
    Sounds like you're the perfect couple.
    Wait it out.
    She has not forgotten about you.


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