Long Distance Relationship Gone Wrong?

My boyfriend just left to go to grad school about three weeks ago about 3 hours away. We have been dating for 2 years and used to see each other everyday. Ever since he left we talk for maybe about a half hr the whole day. He hardly texts me and I have to be the one to say good morning to him. He never feels the need to facetime me either which is something he promised he would do everyday before he left. I'm feeling so sad about what our relationship has come too. Not only am I extrememly bored everyday because he never excites me or makes me feel loved anymore but I'm just also constantly dissapointed. He has also been claiming lately that he is extremely broke and has no money to do anything with me but seems to be finding the cash to support his own hobbies that can get quick expense (building cars, etc.) I no longer feel like a prioritity. I mean like come on, you claim you want to marry me but you can't call me when you get out for lunch? When I express my feelings about this situation to him he says, "Well, we're on the phone now. Why are you bringing up stupid things? I obviously miss you." But I think if he missed me he would be making a little bit more of an effort to talk to me or at least try to take me out and show me a good time on the weekends. What do I do?


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  • Just dump him.


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