First time?

I never had a girlfriend or asked a girl to be my girlfriend or to date,but I was in love with many girls,now I want to try,what should I do?


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  • First make sure that you like her for the right reasons.

    Most respectable girls like to be in long term relationships, so make sure she's someone you will be able to put up with and someone you will enjoy being with.

    If you think she's right for you, see if she's interested in you.

    She doesn't exactly have to love you from the start, but make sure she doesn't hate you =]

    Then approach her privately and ask her if she would like to hang out with you.

    It makes the date seem less pressured when you don't come out and say "let's date" =]

    Hope this helped,

    Kayla ^_^


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  • is there anyone you're interested in right now? the best way is to flirt with her first and see her reaction. you can tell immediately by the way she acts towards you - whether she likes talking to you or not. if the signs are positive, asking her out won't be a big deal and I'm sure she'll say yes.

    • Of course I like her but,i have no expirience even in flirting.

  • Get to know her first, make sure she knows you're interested in her..and then depending on how she just have to go for it. Good luck. :)


What Guys Said 2

  • Choose someone you're really interested, then give it try.

    There is no limit to the way you can ask someone out.

    There's not really any direct steps, you can take some tips, but you would have to fill in the blanks.

    If the one you are asking out likes you, they would most always say yes.

  • Just do what I'm sure the rest of us did. Just take the drive and ask, "Will you go out with me?"