Grad student-Undergrad?

This is the typical undergrad crushing on grad student situation. This graduate student got assigned to help me out with my thesis paper, so I come into contact with him several times a week (to work on the thesis and writing process). We have a LOT in common and have hit it off really well. He's really sweet and kind and there's nothing to not like about him. He's flirty but I don't know if he's like this with everyone. I just don't know how realistic this is. He's about 5 years older than me. I am almost 100% positive he's not seeing anyone and just don't know what to do. He's not my TA and does not have any "power" over me where it would make this crush unethical.
How likely is it that he'd accept/ask to go on a date?
(Typically) Do grad students date undergrads just for sex or are they really interested in a relationship?


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  • I don't see what your level of education has to do with anything, I mean I could understand what you are thinking, but it sounds to me like y'all are just attracted to each other, why don't you try to make a move, maybe he's just uncomfortable asking :)


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  • I was a grad student a few years back and there was always a few undegrads I had a crush on. I was open to any possibilities because I was only a 3-4 years older than them but was fearful that it was too stigmatized and they'd be creeped out. I'd flirt with him back and try to get some alone time.


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