Best way to ask a girl to homecoming?

So just wondering, homecoming is coming up and i wanted to know what would be the best way to ask a girl (in my case my girlfriend) to homecoming?
She said she wanted to go but i never actually asked her in a formal way, so i wanna do something special/cute but have no ideas.


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  • Get a plain t-shirt and randomly write a bunch of names of other guys in a washable marker. Write your own name in permanent marker. Put a note with the shirt that says "wash me". All the names will wash out and the only one left will be yours. Don't forget to put, will you come to homecoming with me on it btw. And you can leave it at her locker or have someone give it to her.

    I just thought this was cute.

  • you can make a sign or you could paint "PROM?" on her car


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