Don't all guys actually want relationships?

I don't really understand why some guys don't want relationships, in less I guess they just got out of one. is random sex really better than a relationship? I just started seeing a guy again who previously didn't want a relationship because he had really just ended a very very long term one (and his only, ever) so I'm hoping he does want one now, he knows thats what I want, at least I hope he doesn't think some how I don't want that anymore. plus things ended because he was the one that got jealous. anyway, it's complicated. but if a guy tells you he likes you doesn't that usually mean he wants a relationship or at least wants to shoot for that?

  • random sex is preferable to a relationship
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  • if I like a girl I want to date her
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  • if I like a girl it doesn't mean I want a relationship with her
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I guy I'm seeing told me he likes me, so I'm hoping that means he wants to date me
so if a guy says he likes you does he want to date you?


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  • My ultimate goal in life is to start a family I can't wait to be a husband and father


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  • It's hard to say. It depends on the guy, it depends on the connection, and it depends on whatever you guys have going on in your lives at the moment. There's just lots of variables at play.

    For me, if I like a girl then I absolutely want to date her, and I'd do so with the hope that it could DEVELOP into something really special. I don't know how much of that is a function of my age (32), but after experiencing past relationships and knowing what I want and need, that's where *I* am at.

    That said, MOST guys in the 18-24 age bracket are probably looking for temporarily-serious relationships. That's just usually where they're at in life.

    • well the guy I'm talking about just turned 24 so I guess I don't know

    • Yeah, what I said in my opinion is obviously just a generalization, as there's plenty of dudes in that age bracket that want to be serious. Hopefully this guy's one of 'em. Good luck!

  • Many of the guys who want relationships may be a little shy. The guys who seem a little too confident are most likely the players who just want to sleep around.

    • shy how?

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    • Shy as in they're afraid or hesitant to go up to girls they like.
      I didn't say there's an upside to sleeping around. I'd rather be with one great woman.
      If a guy says he likes you, he should want to date you, but some guys say that because they just want to fool around. That's not me though.

    • so some guys will tell a girl they like her just to hook up with her?

  • If I meet a girl I am really into I would want a relationship with her.

  • Guys are pickier about relationships than girls are. Girls are pickier about sex than guys are. That doesn't mean girls don't want sex. That doesn't mean that guys don't want relationships.

    It's also true that some guys are pickier about relationships than other guys are. It's also true that some girls are pickier about sex than other girls are.

    But how many girls actually don't want sex? How many guys actually don't want relationships? Maybe 1% at most.

    Unfortunately it's easier to blame other people. Guys have internalized these accusations to some extent. Girls do internalize the allegation of not being interested in sex, to some extent, but nowhere near as much as used to be the case, and nowhere near as much as guys internalize the allegation against them


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  • good relationship is the best, but its hard to find ~ basically a guy doesn't even have a choice, if your really so beautiful and amazing and he can't stop thinking about you... he is not going to tell himself, i think i want to keep things casual.

    this guy in your story is telling or showing emotion... that's just cheap childish stuff, its 'words' and moods ... action is what you should listen to... action over time.

    • wait so he's not showing the right signs?

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