How do I get into a relationship?

I'm 19 years old and have never had a boyfriend. I don't know how to talk to guys, and they don't seem to be super interested in me. If they are it's only for one thing, and I don't do that. I'm very shy, which is an obvious problem. I also feel uncomfortable going out to clubs/bars/ect...

How do I meet a guy?
And if I do how do I start talking to him?


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  • I'd say first think about your own hobbies or any particular clubs, associations, anything that you're a part of or that pique your interest. The great thing is that meeting guys isn't solely restricted to clubs/bars/etc, so you can totally find guys that you can more easily relate to. Sometimes all it takes is a simple "hello" and things get rolling.

    Talking about their interests usually is something people love to do, so it's a great way to start a conversation. Another popular thing is to pick out something in the area that you can comment on, then use that as the icebreaker.

    Shyness can be tough to overcome, but it's certainly not a game killer. With the right attitude and a tiny bit of confidence, you'd be surprised!


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  • 1. Build confidence in yourself
    2. Do your best to enhance your attractiveness level by dressing well and correctly applying makeup
    3. Try your best to be approachable; make yourself open to others.

    I completely understand that this is a lot easier said than done. You cannot change yourself overnight, but do your best at making incremental gains in making yourself more "relationship-ready."

    Sometimes when you're out in public (like at the mall or something), you can even try and approach guys you don't know, and "practice flirting with them." This will definitely seem weird at first and it may not come naturally, but who cares if the guys think you're weird? They don't know you, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about. And I guarantee you that most guys will not think this way anyways; most of them will end up feeling good about themselves because a cute girl approached them. And maybe one of them will even ask for your phone number. This would be a sign that they like you!

    Hope this helps!

  • Just be yourself. You will find a guy one day

  • Just be yourself Hun and a fingers crossed you don't find the 95% of the assholes out there that make it hard for us good 5% to get anywhere

  • A little makeup wouldn't hurt. I was reading that you don't wear it at all. I'm not saying you need it butttt it wouldn't hurt

  • Talking to more and more men or putting yourself in situs ruins for men to talk to you is a start. Preferably men in your selected age group and who you have something in common with.

    After meeting men whether it's you that have approached them or the man has approached you. It's up for you to determine the chemistry; in your head ponder,
    -Do our personalities mesh well?
    -Does this guy seem to want a relationship?
    -Are the two of us on the same level?
    -Do we share views and values about relationship?

    Being in a relationship with a guy isn't any different than having a male friend, he's just someone who you can be "best friends" with, : )


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